Voxant’s Viral Payment Program Earns Money for Websites and Blogs

Jun 01, 2007

Voxant, the Viral Syndication Network (VSN), has announced a new viral payment program that can earn websites and blogs up to $4 CPM for publishing content from VSN's online news site, TheNewsRoom. The payment plan guarantees CPM rates that range from $1 to $4. Web publishers who embed content directly from TheNewsRoom are paid for publishing individual stories and feeds, as well as for content distributed virally from their sites to additional sites. VSN offers more than 300,000 fully licensed, free videos, news articles, and photographs in TheNewsRoom from 175 sources such as the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, CBS News, Dow Jones Online, and the NHL for embedding on websites and blogs. Using VSN's viral mashing technology, the content also may be virally distributed from those sites to an unlimited number of additional sites and blogs. Revenue for web publishers, content providers, and Voxant is generated by advertising in the form of brief pre-roll ads attached to videos and banner ads on articles and images.