Voxant Announces TheNewsRoom and Campaign2008

Mar 20, 2007

Voxant, the Viral Syndication Network (VSN), has officially launched TheNewsRoom, its site for fully licensed content from 165 news organizations. TheNewsRoom features a viral mashing technology and an advertising-based revenue model that pays content originators and participating websites and blogs. In addition, Voxant announced Campaign2008, a new channel in TheNewsRoom for campaign videos and news.

Voxant will unveil a Campaign2008 channel of TheNewsRoom with videos from current presidential candidates. TheNewsRoom is designed to enable campaigns to monitor the viral distribution of their videos to see where they are viewed and how often, as well as block videos from being viewed on undesirable sites. Voxant's proprietary viral mashing technology allows content to be "mashed" from TheNewsRoom and legally embedded on websites and blogs, where it can then be redistributed to an infinite number of additional sites. It also employs a tracking system and dashboard that records where the content has traveled on the web and how often it is viewed. All content is accompanied by advertising, which provides revenue to content owners and sites where content is published.

TheNewsRoom offers video, print, audio, and photo news content in the categories of U.S., international, business, political, health, science, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle news, as well as reference and press releases. Currently, individual news stories as well as news feeds of top stories are available.

(www.voxant.com; www.thenewsroom.com)