VoloMetrix Launches New Sales Module

Oct 26, 2012


VoloMetrix -- an enterprise SaaS company providing insights to improve organizational responsiveness -- announced the VoloMetrix Sales Module. The analytics application is designed to enable sales teams to better connect with the right people, align with the top business priorities, and respond to the most important customer issues. The sales module further expands VoloMetrix's Social Enterprise Intelligence platform, which analyzes anonymous, real-time email, calendar, instant messaging, and social networking data to allow organizations to better align team resources with business priorities.

The new VoloMetrix module can generate at-a-glance reports showing the amount of time a sales group spends in internal meetings, and the pipeline opportunities and account issues that are escalating in real-time. VoloMetrix applies privacy filters to collaboration data to offer new levels of visibility into the activities, relationships, and communications that drive business performance across a sales organization.