Volantis Expands Coverage for Its Mobile Content Delivery Platform

Apr 27, 2007

Volantis, a supplier of Intelligent Content Adaptation solutions for the Mobile Internet has announced expanded device coverage for carrier and content providers delivering mobile content to their subscribers. Volantis' device database enables the presentation of content--covering static, dynamic, and interactive content types--on more than more than 4,000 mobile devices worldwide. The Volantis database is a Volantis-registered device defined by as many as 650 feature and performance attributes. The database covers such features as device OS, browser type, useable screen size, and video download capacity, plus MIME types and codecs for supported content types. The Volantis Mobile Content Framework, a mobile content delivery platform, leverages the device database for the optimized delivery and presentation of pages, navigation and menus, messages, downloads, and client content, regardless of device type.