Vlingo To Be Purchased By Former Lawsuit Plaintiff, Nuance Communications

Dec 20, 2011

Speech technology company Nuance Communications, Inc. is set to purchase Vlingo, Inc., a mobile voice software firm. Financial terms have not been disclosed. Nuance was previously suing Vlingo for patent infringement; even after a jury found Vlingo not guilty, Nuance said it would appeal the ruling and had other actions against Vlingo it was prepared to pursue.

Now, as a result of the companies' "complementary" R&D efforts, Vlingo CEO Dave Grannan says they are "stronger together than alone," as per a statement. He adds, "Our combined resources afford us the opportunity to better compete, and offer a powerful proposition to customers, partners and developers."

Nuance and Vlingo have turned their attention away from one another and instead to Apple, Inc. "Inspired by the introduction of services such as Apple's Siri and our own Dragon Go!, virtually every mobile and consumer electronics company on the planet is looking for ways to integrate natural, conversational voice interactions into their mobile products, applications, and services," says Mike Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of the Nuance Mobile Division, as per a statement.

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