Viyya Technologies Announces Virtual Internet Assistant

Dec 28, 2004

Viyya Technologies, Inc., has announced that its new software, VIYYA, is now commercially available from its Web site. VIYYA is a Virtual Internet Assistant, intended to change the way people access information via the Internet and reduce the time an individual spend online. VIYYA works as an add-on service to the user's browser or search engine, automating and managing "favorites" and routine search functions. Features include an Internet content reading tool called XCavator, which is designed to read the Web much like the human mind and then use analytics to understand the similarities in searches conducted and information retrieved, thereby eliminating a repetitive end user tasks and reducing Web search time. VIYYA can also be set by the user to perform repeat Web search and retrieval at selected times or throughout the day. The Viyya Web site currently offers subscribers a 14-day free trial. The VIYYA software is available to subscribers for $9.95 per month or a discounted rate of $79 if paid annually via credit card from the company's Web site.