Vivisimo Launches Vivisimo Velocity 5.5

Feb 13, 2007

Vivisimo, a provider of enterprise search software and expertise, has introduced the Vivisimo Velocity 5.5 enterprise search platform. With Velocity 5.5, network administrators can replicate instances of a single index across multiple services. Velocity 5.5 is also designed to allow administrators to segment an index onto multiple servers for maximum application performance in high usage, data intensive scenarios. Both replication and segmentation of indexes are accomplished through a point-and-click within the Velocity web administrative interface.

Velocity 5.5 also offers new search functionality designed to enhance the end-user experience. Velocity now handles such advanced queries as word proximity, complex date ranges, and natural language. In addition, Velocity 5.5 offers a tool for query expansion--some names have many different spellings because they were transliterated into the Roman alphabet from other writing systems (Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, etc.). Velocity 5.5 also offers the ability to suggest alternative queries for misspellings, word stemming, alternative translations and synonyms--all based upon administrator defined content.