Vivisimo Introduces Velocity for Life Sciences v4.2; Bio-It World, Inc Chooses VLS; Vivisimo Partners with

May 20, 2005

Vivísimo, the creator of clustering software for search and discovery, has introduced the Velocity for Life Sciences (VLS) search and discovery platform that includes meta-alerts, collaboration, document delivery, and advanced reporting capabilities for improved knowledge sharing among functional groups across an enterprise. Vivisimo has also announced that Bio-It World has chosen the Velocity for Life Sciences platform and that the company has partnered with

Velocity for Life Sciences version 4.2 is a customizable enterprise-search platform that combines dynamic clustering, search, and meta search into one solution providing a single point of access for all information sources - internal and external. The VLS platform is built on Vivísimo software and includes the company's Clustering Engine. Velocity for Life Sciences features also include: Meta Alerts--Velocity allows users to create alerts from multiple information sources from a single point of access; alerts can be initiated simply by clicking on a result or by adding them through user profiles. Collaboration and Exporting--Velocity users can export results into Endnote, Procite, Reference Manager, Documentum eRooms, or email reports in HTML or plain text format; it can also save reports as text, HTML, or XML and Velocity allows users to save their searches and return to the results at a later time in order to better meet the work habits of individual users. Customizable Reports--Velocity's reporting feature enables administrators to ask and answer business questions and administrators can learn what keywords or phrases are found through the search application, and how and with what frequency users reformulate their queries. Full-Text Document Delivery--Velocity has interfaces with document delivery organizations such as Infotrieve, so Velocity users can access full-text documents with the advantages of third-party providers that maintain document ordering quotas for document cost control. LinkOut--Velocity incorporates the Entrez LinkOut feature providing full-text access to journals and databases that have been licensed by the organization. Document-Level Security--Velocity document-level security provides administrators with control over access to individual documents or groups of documents and allows only authorized users access to search results involving sensitive information. Velocity for Life Sciences is priced based on concurrent users and scales with the number of documents to be crawled or number of sources to be meta searched.

Vivísimo has also announced that Bio-It World, Inc. has selected Vivisimo Velocity for Life Sciences (VLS) in an effort to provide its online audience with a faster, more precise way to navigate the Web site's content and information. Bio-IT World, Inc., a business unit of International Data Group (IDG), publishes information across a variety of media, including and, to meet the needs of bio-IT, life science, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and regulatory professionals. In a related announcement, Vivisimo today announced VLS version 4.2. The organization will use Vivisimo VLS 4.2 to allow site visitors to search across information types, including editorial, events, and advertising, while returning results clustered by theme for faster discovery. The software also allows users to search across multiple content sources, including Vivisimo's ClusterMed tool. Vivisimo's ClusterMed helps users navigate PubMed's inventory of medical research articles by organizing the search results into categories. PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) library and includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's.

Finally, Vivísimo has announced its Clustering Engine is joining forces with in an effort to provide visitors with a faster, more precise way to navigate through the Web site's content and information. The Clustering Engine, part of the Vivisimo Velocity suite of enterprise search products, organizes long lists of search results into folders or clusters, grouping similar items together. As the online gateway to Discovery's sixteen U.S. networks, seeks to extend each network brand with in-depth articles, up-to-date programming guides, interactive features and games, as well as compelling video previews and never-before-seen footage. The Web site is also the Internet home of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, offering up-to-date information on the team.