Vivisimo Debuts Velocity 6.0

Oct 09, 2007

Vivisimo, a provider of enterprise search software, has introduced the Vivisimo Velocity 6.0 enterprise search platform. Available within 45 days, Velocity is intended to enable enterprises to increase collaboration among workers, accelerate innovation, and gain insight into the collective intelligence of their organizations. Velocity 6.0 enables users to save, share, and take action on search results to foster collaboration and new levels of communication within the organization. By marrying popular Web 2.0 concepts, such as social search and networking, virtual folders, tagging and content mash-ups, with the power of enterprise search, Velocity 6.0 is meant to allow users to leverage the human knowledge within their own organizations. Velocity 6.0 allows users to add their own knowledge about information found via search directly into the search result itself in the form of free-text annotation. Rather than sending an email with a file attachment to colleagues with commentary about a document, users can have a dialogue about content right within the search interface. And social book marking within Velocity 6.0 allows users to save search results into virtual folders for future reference and use or to share with others, such as a project team.