Vividence Tracks User Behavior on Macromedia Flash Applications

Feb 28, 2003

Vividence has announced a new tool designed to provide insight into how Web site visitors interact with Macromedia Flash content and applications. Many sites have had limited ability to quantify the benefit of building rich content and experiences, however Vividence's new tool is intended to enable companies to measure customers' behavior, thoughts, and attitudes as they interact with Macromedia Flash applications. Research shows that more and more sites use Macromedia Flash for user interactions such as finding information, searching for products, or booking a hotel room. According to NPD, more than 497 million Internet users across all major platforms and devices have Macromedia Flash Player installed. As a result, there has been a growing need to understand how these customers interact with Macromedia Flash applications. Traditional Web tracking tools do not offer a detailed understanding of how users interact with Macromedia Flash, or reveal why users might abandon, become frustrated, or linger on the site. Now, Vividence provides insight into behaviors such as rollovers, clicks, or any other Macromedia Flash action-in the context of real user goals.