VitalStream Launches Secure Flash Video Streaming Service

Jun 17, 2005

VitalStream, Inc., a streaming media solutions provider, has unveiled its new Authenticated Streaming Service, delivered via Flash Video Streaming Service, powered by VitalStream. The new streaming service is designed to detect authorized users and grant them access to Flash video streams online, including live and on-demand video and audio.

The VitalStream Authenticated Streaming Service is compatible with any Web-services system, including .NET and SOAP-based verification systems. This is designed to provide enterprises, entertainment companies, online retailers and advertisers options for delivering and protecting streaming video on their Web sites.

By securing Flash video content, the streaming service is designed to enable new revenue models, and help businesses prevent piracy or unauthorized distribution of content. Whether the streaming videos are paid for or free, companies can benefit from using VitalStream's streaming service intended to ensure copyright protection, brand management, distribution control, and audience restriction.