VitalSource Content Studio 2.0 Released

Apr 27, 2017

VitalSource has announced the release of VitalSource Content Studio 2.0, expanding the EPUB 3 authoring tool’s capabilities with legacy content conversion and one-click publishing. The companys says it allows content creators to preview and publish their responsive and accessible EPUB 3 content directly into VitalSource’s Bookshelf platform, and makes updates and revisions faster and easier. VitalSource Content Studio 2.0 also embeds the WIRIS math editor, enabling authors to create complex math notation that provides full accessibility support on the Bookshelf platform.

VitalSource Content Studio outputs content as EPUB 3 that can instantly be distributed globally in VitalSource's Bookshelf, or any compliant reader. The content produced is fully responsive on desktop, tablet, or smartphone screen sizes, enables interactivity, and supports industry-standard accessibility requirements. The content is also available online or offline through Bookshelf’s mobile or desktop applications and enables access to notes and highlights.