VitalSource Acquires Verba

Apr 04, 2017

VitalSource Technologies LLC, Ingram Content Group’s digital education content delivery solution, has acquired Verba Software, Inc., a San Francisco-based company dedicated to using technology to support campus stores and help students save money on course materials.

Founded in 2008 by Jared Pearlman, Ryan Petersen, and Michael Ragalie, Verba grew as a start-up from a student government project at Harvard and later began collaborating with independent college stores to tackle textbook affordability through radical transparency. Currently Verba works with 350 colleges and universities in the United States, serving 3.1 million students each term.

VitalSource and Verba have collaborated through Verba’s Connect service to help institutions implement inclusive-access programs that ensure first-day access to learning materials at more affordable prices. Verba’s adoptions management will showcase affordability and e-texts to faculty. Together, VitalSource and Verba will create a complete solution for implementing and managing inclusive-access programs that put campus stores at the center of the experience.