Visual Evidence / E-Discovery Announces Release of VeDATA MAP 2.0

Jun 12, 2009

Visual Evidence /E-Discovery, a source for electronic discovery products and solutions, announced the release of VeDATA MAP 2.0, a service designed to create a network enterprise-wide map--or data map--of how a corporation creates, amasses, and circulates electronically-stored information (ESI). VeDATA MAP 2.0 provides the corporation with a visual diagram of an organization's systems, applications, and processes. VeDATA Map 2.0 allows corporations to comply with the 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) by providing the map, as required by the FRCP, when the litigators sit down for their "meet and confer" sessions. Upon data map completion, the final deliverable is in print and electronic format. VeDATA MAP 2.0 also enables corporations to identify the ESI that is "accessible versus non-accessible" so they can respond to electronic discovery requests pertaining to litigation, regulatory investigations, and/or compliance issues. The map can determine the organization's software and hardware life cycles as well as ascertain its legacy systems.