Visual Analytics Partners With LAS

Jan 09, 2004

Language Analysis Systems, makers of name-recognition technology, has announced a partnership with Visual Analytics, Inc. (VAI), a data mining and pattern recognition company, to jointly offer the international analytical community with name matching, name categorization, and name searching capabilities. Visual Analytics will integrate LAS's Name Classifier and Name Hunter software into its VisuaLinks pattern discovery and data visualization tool and DIG information harvesting and text mining system. Together, the tools help governments, financial services, and other corporate users automate the processing of personal names.

Language Analysis Systems is a provider of multi-cultural name recognition software solutions for mission critical applications. LAS has worked with U.S. Intelligence and Border Protection agencies for nearly two decades, developing an approach to name matching and searching that is designed to go beyond Soundex and key-based approaches. LAS technologies are designed for dealing with unfamiliar names and the different ways they are romanized.

Serving customers in intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial anti-fraud communities, Visual Analytics is configured to support analysts in discovering mission-relevant patterns, trends, and targets within their data. This is accomplished through mining knowledge out of databases interactively, developing hypotheses or following leads from the data, and studying emerging groups and interconnections.

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