Vistaprint Launches "Social Postcards" for Facebook Ad Design

Feb 12, 2015

Vistaprint, an online provider of professional marketing products and services to micro business owners, announced the launch of "Social Postcards," an online tool that enables small businesses to turn their print materials into Facebook ads, target the right audience, and analyze campaign results. Vistaprint and its digital services business, Webs, worked with Facebook to create this small business-focused tool for its customers.

The "2014 Webs Small Business Digital Trends Survey" shows 63% of small business owners use digital products as part or all of their marketing strategy, most combining digital and print. Vistaprint says it answered the demand for an omnichannel platform that integrates print and digital marketing in order to grow the business, increase sales, and build brand awareness across multiple channels.

The survey also showed 65% of small businesses are currently using or are willing to pay for Facebook ads. However, most don't have the tools or resources to design highly impactful and professional-looking social media ads. Facebook research further shows that ads on the platform can drive more in-store revenue, with one-third more people purchasing the products or services, and two-thirds of people increasing their order value.

Users who design a postcard on Vistaprint have the option to turn it into a Facebook ad, choose the target audience, publish it, and view the ad campaign's results - all in one dashboard.