ViralGains Odyssey Gives Customers a Voice in Advertising

Aug 27, 2019

ViralGains, the leader in intelligent ad journey orchestration, today announced the launch of ViralGains Odyssey. The new software as a service (SaaS) platform allows marketers to leverage the voice of the customer to drive smarter advertising outcomes that directly impact the bottom line. ViralGains Odyssey works seamlessly across video, connected TV (CTV) and display advertising.

A recent study from MAGNA and IPG Media tested traditional exposure-only ad strategies and found that over half of all digital impressions may be wasted on people who will never consider buying from the brand, while ViralGains’ ad journeys double brand trust and likelihood to take action, by capturing and responding to the voice of the customer.

ViralGains Odyssey provides a full view of the customer at all stages of the funnel. The platform enables brands and agencies to measure opinions, perceptions, and behaviors at scale within their advertisements, and utilize that data to trigger movement down the funnel toward purchase. Direct integration with leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) gives brands access to nearly endless premium inventory. ViralGains Odyssey powers sophisticated journey triggers, which move prospective customers onto the next leg of their advertising journey with a brand, while segmenting audiences based on their response to ads.

Marketers can quickly and easily create rich video and display experiences for every phase of the ad journey, encouraging ad interactivity that gives consumers a voice. With ViralGains’ video, connected TV (CTV) and display ads, advertisers gain millions of opportunities to make meaningful connections with consumers on their favorite formats and devices. By unlocking the voice of the customer, advertisers can discover the ad journeys that drive the best business outcomes.

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