Virage Enhances VS Archive, VS Webcasting, VS News Monitoring, and SmartEncode

Sep 10, 2004


Virage, Inc., a division of Autonomy Corp. and a provider of rich media communication and content management software, has announced feature enhancements to its VS Archive, VS Webcasting, VS News Monitoring, and SmartEncode products.

VS Archive, a software solution used by enterprises to store, categorize, manage, retrieve, and distribute video, audio, and other rich media content, has a new enhanced Software Developer's Kit (SDK), which offers a set of tools and interfaces built around the open architecture of VS Archive. The SDK provides developers and systems integrators access to the range of VS Archive functions for custom integration of searchable video into an enterprise solution. In addition, the latest version of VS Archive adds support for Active Directory service, providing Virage customers with another security option for centrally managing policy-based access control to assets.

VS News Monitoring is a real-time monitoring and content management solution used by enterprises and government agencies to track content for time-sensitive, strategically significant events. The new VS News Monitoring includes full support for Real Network's Media format to provide output with metadata.

VS Webcasting is an enterprise software solution that is designed to simplify and streamline the workflow for producing live Webcast events and on-demand or re-broadcast presentations for large audiences. New features to VS Webcasting include run-time support for Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM), the unifying standard for reusability and portability of eLearning content. In addition, VS Webcasting now includes support for Active Directory service to further expand Virage's security compatibility.

Virage SmartEncode software works simultaneously and in real-time to control, automate, and integrate video workflow and enable customers to capture, encode, and index video and other rich media. VideoLogger is the core of the SmartEncode process, allowing simultaneous, automatic encoding, and indexing of video and other rich-media in real time. The next generation of Virage VideoLogger adds support for the capture of audio and video from Windows Driver Model (WDM) devices, including audio video (AV) and timecode information from IEEE1394 digital video (DV) devices using Microsoft's DV Camera and VCR driver.