Vimeo Offers $10,000 for 30-Day Digital Exclusive Rights to Filmmakers at Toronto Film Festival Participants

Sep 03, 2013

Filmmakers with an independent spirit will soon have a new source of funding and distribution within reach. According to paidContent, Vimeo will show the world its take on funding at the Toronto Film Festival which takes place this week.

Filmmakers who debut their feature-length movies at the festival can receive a $10,000 advance to distribute their films through Vimeo On Demand, the site's paid streaming arm.

Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor told paidContent "that he sees this as a first test for what could one day become a bigger funding program for independent filmmakers." Film makers will receive 90% of any sales, and must agree to give Vimeo a 30-day digital exclusive to their feature-length work.