Vignette Releases Vignette Community Applications 7.1

Apr 03, 2009

Vignette Corporation announced an enhancement to its Web Experience Platform, Vignette Community Applications 7.1. This integrated social media solution enables organizations to build communities, encourage online interaction, boost campaigns, and provide analytics. Vignette Community Applications 7.1, a component of Vignette’s Social Media Solution, provides tools to increase online interaction. In addition to enabling the creation and support of Web 2.0 capabilities such as blogs, wikis, forums, ratings, and reviews, the solution allows companies to create social sites. These sites combine microsite features with social-centric benefits such as idea management, calendars and events, and the sharing of assets including videos and podcasts. The social site templates allow marketers to launch campaigns, communities, and product sites. Vignette’s social media solution provides features such as a search engine, patented video technology, enterprise-grade scalability, and standards-based presentation technology that allows companies to combine social media elements with content from multiple sources.