Vignette Dialog Offers Personalized Interaction

Nov 25, 2003

Upromise Inc., a free service that seeks to help families get money for college from American companies, has implemented Vignette Dialog in an effort to deliver timely, relevant service information to its members. The personalized Vignette Dialog interactions will highlight relevant promotions as well as custom content based on the customer's areas of interest.

Vignette Dialog is an application for managing multistep, multichannel interactions through integrated, automated, and personalized scenarios. It improves tracking the interaction of customer, employee, or partner contacts while leveraging existing enterprise information to orchestrate communication across multiple touch points. Vignette Dialog is designed to help organizations gain knowledge about individual behaviors and preferences. This knowledge is automatically applied to subsequent campaigns to deliver information specific to an individual's interests. Because participants in dialogs are treated as individuals, Vignette Dialog can adapt to the needs of each relationship and interact via the delivery method of choice while controlling the frequency of communication.

Vignette Dialog features a graphical, browser-based interface so business users can define, modify and track dialogs. The interface jump-starts the execution of additional campaigns and allows business users to execute and maintain the campaigns. Real-time and historical reports let business users plan and track the costs and results of each customer interaction. Vignette Dialog integrates with existing enterprise applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, to leverage existing enterprise investments. The latest release of Vignette Dialog focuses on support for standards such as Web Services, enhanced email link tracking and management, packaged portal integration, and updated platform support. Vignette Dialog is currently available and shipping to customers.

Coinciding with this announcement, Farstar, a marketing solutions company, is introducing a new product: the Lead Machine for Vignette Dialog. Farstar's Lead Machine for Dialog builds upon Vignette Dialog to automate customized, multistep lead generation processes that combine email, direct mail, voice communications, and the Web. The Lead Machine for Dialog is provided as a turnkey hosted service.