Vignette Debuts Vignette Application Builder for Enterprise Portals

Mar 14, 2003

Vignette Corp. has announced the immediate availability of Vignette Application Builder 4.0. Designed to empower the business user and increase the speed at which portal applications can be developed and deployed, Vignette Application Builder enables organizations to graphically create, integrate, and deliver custom composite Web applications. The Builder was developed in response to customer demands to reduce the cost of developing and integrating portal applications. Vignette Application Builder is designed to unify the enterprise's Web strategy under a single framework for the development and deployment of enterprise Web applications. In addition, Vignette Application Builder assembles these component views into unified portal applications that cut across enterprise resources, providing integrated views of application data to the right users. Vignette Application Builder is designed to streamline portlet development efforts through an intuitive, code-free development environment that integrates with the Vignette Application Portal. Vignette Application Builder capabilities include the following: a code-free view builder enables application designers to drag and drop controls in their browser; support for composite Web applications provides a mechanism for combining and relating distinct data sources; integration with existing data provides a variety of integration technologies; application templates use prepackaged applications that provide a starting point for application development; and an application navigation map provides a graphical representation of the navigation that is defined for a particular application. The Vignette Application Builder 4.0 will be available to customers by March 31, 2003.