Vignette Announces Self-Certified JSR 168-Compliant Portal

Feb 06, 2004

Vignette Corp. has announced initial availability of Vignette Application Portal 7.0, part of the Vignette V7 family of products. Vignette Application Portal 7.0 has been certified by Vignette on the Sun Microsystem's Test and Compatibility Kit (TCK) for compliance with the recently adopted JSR 168 portlet interoperability standard. With this move, Vignette believes that it has become the first independent software vendor to announce a self-certified JSR 168 portal. As a founding member of both the Java Community Process's JSR 168 Expert Group and OASIS' WSRP Technical Committee, Vignette has played a role in helping define JSR 168 and WSRP since their inceptions in January 2002.

In conjunction with its support for JSR 168, Vignette will provide plug-ins for integrated development environments (IDE) in an effort to provide developers with a seamless experience when deploying IDE-developed JSR 168 portlets within Vignette Application Portal 7.0. In addition, the latest release of Vignette Application Portal provides enhanced localization of portal administrative consoles and multibyte support for compliance with Section 508, enabling disabled administrators to easily manage portal sites, and i18N, allowing diverse administrators in multidialect regions to access a shared portal console that is localized for each individual administrator's dialect.