VideoEgg Partners with Six Apart

Oct 28, 2005

VideoEgg, Inc., a provider of Web-based video publishing solutions, has announced The VideoEgg Publisher will integrate with Six Apart Ltd.'s TypePad service. The VideoEgg Publisher is a Web-based video publishing technology designed for users to capture, encode, upload, and share online video.

Under the terms of the partnership, the VideoEgg Publisher will immediately be made available to all registered TypePad users free of charge. TypePad users can upload videos to their TypePad blog without encoding formats, export settings, incompatible player versions, long uploads, or complicated video software. For the "Feature Preview," links on the TypePad site direct users to a co-branded page, where users can login to their TypePad accounts, and create and post vlog entries using VideoEgg Publisher. Once users have created a post, they hit submit as they normally would and the post with video is published to their blog. Posted videos are immediately available for viewing online through the Flash-based VideoEgg Player, which does not require external software like Windows Media and QuickTime. The service will be available for free to TypePad users and accessible directly from the VideoEgg and Six Apart Web sites.