Video Has a Starring Role in Latest eSSential LMS Release

Oct 31, 2017

In today’s day and age, video plays a large part in how society consumes information. In fact, YouTube states approximately 1 billion hours of video are watched every day on its website alone. So, it comes as no surprise that video also plays a big role in modern day learning. This is why eLogic Learning prioritized the delivery of the new Video Management feature in its eSSential LMS application.

Through the Video Management functionality, videos can be uploaded into the eSSential LMS without the time and cost of eLearning development. This gives clients the flexibility to offer video as standalone training, or nestled in a learning path.

Users can also upload videos into the LMS themselves. This ability will be based on the permissions set by the LMS administrator, but if enabled, users can add videos they created using something as simple as their phone and have it either automatically approved or routed to an administrator for review prior to making it available to the user community.