Video And Native To Rule Mobile In 2016

Jan 07, 2016

Trusted Media Brands, Inc., an iconic, multiplatform media company, today released findings from a survey on mobile advertising formats. The study was conducted by Advertiser Perceptions and surveyed clients and agency executives to reveal that the overall perception of video and native ads on mobile are less intrusive than banner ads, build brand awareness, lift, and engagement, offer a better user experience and will surpass display banners as the top mobile formats in 2016.

While 63% of respondents used display banners in mobile last year, only 45% expect to do so this year. Almost half of respondents (45%) plan to use video in 2016, with 46% of total respondents planning to use pre- or mid-roll video and 45 percent planning to use native in mobile as well.  

According to the survey, a majority of marketers at agencies and brands (63%) agree that mobile phones should have ads.

The top three benefits of mobile native ad formats cited by agencies and marketers are that they are less intrusive (44%), increase brand awareness (32%) and foster better engagement and interaction (31%). Among agencies, 31% cited the more authentic brand voice native ads lend, while 33% of brand marketers noted the better user experience as a benefit. 

Sight, sound and motion give video the advantage of being an ad format that works for marketers at both the top and bottom of the consumer purchase funnel. Increased brand awareness was noted by 47% of marketers as the most important benefit of video ads on mobile, while engagement (34%) and how well suited video is to mobile consumption behaviors (31%) followed. Among 26% of agencies, video is seen as providing a more authentic brand voice, while 25% of marketers believe it impacts lead generation. 

Pre- and mid-roll video is the top ad format planned for use in 2016 (46%), while native and display banners tied second at 45% each, representing a slight dip from the use of native ads by 50% of marketers last year. Measuring the success of native was cited as the format's top challenge.

The Trusted Media Brands, Inc. survey was conducted in December 2015 among 283 U.S. media decision-makers from the Advertiser Perceptions Omnibus Panel. Respondents were those involved in digital/mobile and social advertising.