Video Ads On Premium Publishers’ Sites Yield 68% Higher Brand Lift

Sep 29, 2016

Digital Content Next (DCN) released new findings it commissioned from comScore’s July 2016 research, “The Halo Effect”. The follow-up analysis of the original data found that video ads served on premium sites yielded 68% higher brand lift than video on non-premium sites and drove even higher brand lift when looking at sales funnel brand metrics. Overall, DCN sites outperformed non-DCN sites by 176%.

Additional findings from the follow-up study:

  • Gender: Ads on premium publisher sites had an overall stronger impact on men however women were particularly responsive to ads for mid-funnel metrics including brand consideration, brand loyalty, category usage intent, category favorability, brand favorability and recommendation intent.
  • Household Income: Households with an income of $75K or less showed more brand lift at the mid-funnel phase and households with an income of more than $75K, generated an average lift at one impression over two times the magnitude of a non-premium publisher.
  •  Millennials: Video ads on premium publisher sites are almost twice as effective with millennials.

Key findings from comScore’s initial “The Halo Effect” research confirmed that the contextual environment in which the ad exposure occurs is an important driver of more than 50% higher effectiveness, and also showed:

  • Display ads on DCN publisher sites had an average of 67% higher brand lift than non-DCN publishers, confirming that premium sites deliver premium performance.
  • Premium publishers are 3x more effective in driving mid-funnel brand lift metrics, such as favorability, consideration and intent to recommend.
  • Premium publisher effectiveness is driven in part by higher viewability rates, which include lower levels of invalid traffic.