Viacom Demands its Videos Removed From YouTube

Feb 09, 2007

Media conglomerate Viacom, Inc. has told YouTube, Inc. to discontinue to host Viacom videos without permission and demanded that over 100,000 of its clips be removed from the video-sharing site owned by Google, Inc. Viacom, whose properties include MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Comedy Central, and Paramount Pictures, ran out of patience after months of discussions with Google and YouTube, the company said in a statement. YouTube and Google have failed to deliver efficient filtering tools so that "vast amounts" of unauthorized Viacom video exist on the video-sharing site, the company said. YouTube acknowledged receiving a Digital Millennium Copyright Act request from Viacom to remove the videos. Since the acquisition, Google and YouTube have been negotiating with video content owners and developing technology to detect and remove copyrighted videos uploaded by users without permission. In its statement, Viacom complained that Google is benefitting from its content without providing Viacom with adequate compensation.