Verity Releases KeyView SDKs Version 8

Sep 28, 2004

Verity Inc. has announced the immediate availability of its latest Verity KeyView Software Development Kits (SDKs) for enterprise applications, version 8. The Verity KeyView Suite of Software Development Kits consists of: Verity KeyView Filter SDK, that permits applications to extract all text and metadata from documents in various formats, allowing users to manage, evaluate, and take action on high-value content; Verity KeyView Export SDK, that converts multiple file formats into valid XML and Web-ready HTML formats; and, Verity KeyView Viewing SDK, that lets end-users view and print business-critical documents without installing the native applications.

In an effort to ease the integration of Verity KeyView SDKs into applications, each supports a range of programming environments, such as C, Java, and COM; as well as the Unicode character set standard. These new KeyView SDKs also support Itanium Processors for applications that run on the most widely used operating systems, including: RedHat Linux, HP-UX and Windows 2003. In response to the increasing demands from global enterprise customers for a broader range of format support, Verity KeyView release 8 now offers support for the latest version of Adobe PDF 1.5, OpenOffice 1.0, Microsoft Office 2003 XML, Sun StarOffice 7.0 and Visio 2003.