Verity Releases K2 Developer 5.0

May 20, 2003

Verity Inc. has announced the availability of Verity K2 Developer (K2D) release 5.0. This newest version of its platform is for independent software vendors (ISV's) that need to add discovery, organization, and personalization capabilities to ebusiness applications such as content management, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management, portal infrastructure, online commerce, and other enterprise-level programs. A part of this latest release of Verity's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology is the Verity Organization Developer's Kit (ODK), a set of modular application programming interfaces (APIs) that can be integrated into enterprise applications that could use content organization and recommendation capabilities. The Verity ODK allows taxonomies to be created, modified, and reused to optimize the content's organization and improve search results. Categories of content can be generated using Verity's Logistic Regression Classification (LRC) technology, which, in turn, can be combined with human domain expertise to alter or augment the LRC-generated rules for greater accuracy or to comply with specific business requirements. This release of K2D also includes enhanced capabilities of Verity's Recommendation Engine, including recommendation of queries, category recommendations, federated recommendations, Open Navigation, and Dynamic Taxonomies. Further, interfaces are now available to allow the editing of any entity, which enable ISVs control over the information managed within the Recommendation Engine. Verity K2D allows ISVs a choice of how it can be integrated into an application. The technology can either be attached to existing applications or embedded into new releases. Verity K2D is oriented toward integration with enterprise applications for global organizations. The product's new Unicode Locale feature supports more than 70 languages.