Verity K2 Catalog Software Chosen by The Sharper Image

Nov 26, 2002

Verity Inc. has announced that Sharper Image Corporation, a specialty retailer, has selected search technology from Verity for its ecommerce Web site. Verity Inc. is a provider of infrastructure software powering ebusiness sites and corporate intranets as well as ebusiness applications. Verity's K2 Catalog software provides search capabilities for the primary Web site of The Sharper Image. This multi-channel retailer selected the Verity technology for its potential to contribute to the ease with which shoppers from all channels can use the Web site. Verity's advanced search feature helps consumers find the product that they are looking for by refining the search efforts through the use of different categories. For example, if someone is looking to spend $200 to $300 to purchase a stereo from The Sharper Image, he or she can drill down the search results and then choose a price-range category. Other categories include "Best Sellers," "Gift Guides," and "New Products." The "see more like this" function is designed to be similar to a salesperson recommending products to customers. The Sharper Image anticipates an increase in its online purchase conversion rate--turning browsers into buyers. In addition, the retailer expects to use search results and patterns to help make merchandising decisions involving which products to feature or group together.

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