Verity, BBN Technologies, and Jubilant Create Video-Audio Search Solution

Apr 22, 2005

BBN Technologies, a developer of speech recognition technologies, Jubilant Technologies Inc., creator of a middleware platform for multimedia management, and Verity Inc. have announced the availability of a video-audio search solution for organizations seeking to better organize, locate, and analyze relevant multimedia content.

BBN Technologies contributes its speech-to-text software, AVOKE STX, to this solution. AVOKE STX is designed to transform audio data into a usable and searchable rich transcription that can be stored, searched, and retrieved just as any piece of text in a document. Search and taxonomy creation, or content classification, is provided by Verity K2 Enterprise software. Jubilant's multimedia communications solutions are designed to enable organizations to communicate on a global basis with high quality, live, multimedia. Jubilant's multimedia management solutions enable organizations to automatically extract intelligence from audiovisual content. Jubilant's solutions are based on the Jubilant ERM2 Platform, which incorporates and integrates a suite of multimedia systems and technologies in a unified platform, including multimedia encoding, encryption, indexing, analysis, publishing, and networking.