Verity Announces Siebel 7 Validation

Feb 25, 2003

Verity, Inc., a provider of enterprise software solutions, has announced that the integration between its K2 Enterprise (K2E) version 4.5 software and Siebel 7 has been validated by Siebel Systems. Siebel is a provider of multichannel eBusiness applications software. Verity K2E is enterprise software that is designed to enable organizations to perform knowledge management activities better, realize a better return on their knowledge assets, and, as a result, make better business decisions. Siebel Systems provides organizations with a set of industry-specific best practices, CRM applications software, and business processes, enabling corporations to sell to, market to, and serve customers across multiple channels and lines of business. This validated integration enables customers of Verity and Siebel Systems to improve operational efficiency and increase end customer satisfaction by searching and organizing the data within their repositories. The result is a relationship management infrastructure that drives profitability and minimizes cost. Verity K2E capabilities include basic and advanced search, enabling users to retrieve relevant information. K2E includes parametric selection that allows the user to search structured and unstructured data. Verity's relational taxonomies feature enables simultaneous search of two or more taxonomies. The Siebel Validation Program evaluates the integration of third-party solutions with Siebel eBusiness Applications. Integrations that meet the testing criteria are validated and documented by the Siebel Validation Program. Validation documentation is available on the Siebel Partner Directory at

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