Verity Announces ‘Education Anywhere’ Program

Aug 31, 2004

Verity Inc. has announced that its education programs on Verity K2 advanced search, classification, and recommendation software can now be delivered live via the Web by Verity training instructors. These online courses are intended to provide global enterprise customers the ability to quickly gain the knowledge they need to take full advantage of the product's capabilities right from their desktops.

The new Verity K2 "Education Anywhere" program is available via the company's virtual classroom, a live, online learning environment, as well as from its physical classrooms located around the world. The virtual classroom provides the same course material that is used in the physical classroom and students will have similar training and access to an instructor. Participants will also gain hands-on experience working with Verity K2 software by way of Web-based labs that supplement the instructors' presentations. Verity also offers customized on-site training.

The K2 education courses are divided into four-hour modules, scheduled so participants can allocate time to take a class, as well as perform their job duties, during a workday. The four main courses, offered at various times of the week, cover development of Verity K2 applications and understanding K2 technologies for non-technical personnel involved in the deployment and implementation of the software.