VeriSign’s North America Mobile Messaging Index Details Growth and User Trends

Mar 30, 2007

Digital infrastructure provider VeriSign has announced the first North America Mobile Messaging Index, a quarterly report that will provide statistics detailing the growth and user trends pertaining to all categories of mobile messaging in North America.

VeriSign's data reveals messaging statistics garnered through VeriSign's global infrastructure. Based upon trends VeriSign has already witnessed this quarter, the report is expected to show that the overall volume of messages is increasing more than two-fold year over year. Among the early statistics to be included in the quarterly report will be the following: with a record 256 million-plus mobile messages sent on Valentine's Day 2007 via the VeriSign network alone, VeriSign helped its carrier customers generate more than $10 million in revenue on February 14; on an average day, VeriSign presently enables approximately 190 million mobile messages, up from a daily average of 118 million in 2006, when VeriSign handled 43 billion messages for the year; and based on the current daily average, which trends suggest will top 200 million by year's end, VeriSign will handle in excess of 65 billion messages this year. The first Mobile Messaging Index will include key overarching industry metrics such as the total number of messages per quarter, month and day; application-to-person totals; peer-to-peer messaging totals; multimedia message service (MMS) totals; revenues enabled; and peak traffic times (specific days, hours of the day, etc.). VeriSign will share corresponding year-over-year growth rates for each of these statistics as well.

VeriSign has also entered into an agreement with Visa International to support the Visa mobile platform to advance the mobile commerce market, through mobile marketing campaigns and point-of-sale redemption of mobile offers. As a result of the agreement, Visa will provide mobile offer management capabilities including the delivery of mobile coupons by leveraging VeriSign's content delivery services. VeriSign will enable Visa, its members, and merchants to create customized campaigns, mobile offers, and promotion programs.