VeriSign Announces Major Initiative for its Global Internet Infrastructure

Feb 13, 2007

VeriSign, Inc., a provider of infrastructure for the networked world, has announced a major initiative to expand and diversify the capacity of its global internet infrastructure by ten times by the year 2010. Named Project Titan, the initiative's aim is to increase the capabilities of VeriSign's infrastructure to manage the interactions taking place as ecommerce, social networking, and internet-enabled wireless devices place new demands on the internet while at the same time protecting against cyber attacks that are growing in both scale and sophistication.

The Project Titan initiative includes the expansion of VeriSign's critical infrastructure both in scale and location and investment in new engineering, monitoring, and security systems to support the growth in internet traffic. Over the next three years, VeriSign will increase its daily Domain Name System (DNS) query capacity from 400 billion queries a day to over 4 trillion queries a day and will scale its proprietary constellation of resolution systems to increase their bandwidth from over 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) to greater than 200 Gbps.