Venue Solutions Launches BI Tool

Oct 14, 2005

Venue Solutions, a specialist provider of venue management technologies, has launched VenueView, a business intelligence tool that can deliver tailored reporting for sports business operations. It has been designed to give marketing, corporate sales, commercial, finance and ticketing departments real-time access to business performance and customer base information. The VenueView graphical reporting system integrates with Synchro Systems' (a subsidiary of the Ticketmaster Group) ticketing solution to provide information for data mining and analysis.

There are five main aspects to the VenueView software: Query Builder, designed to allow a user to interrogate the core database by creating a query. The results of this query can be cross-referenced with additional data sets and saved to allow the user to undertake any of the actions below; Query Join, a Venn diagram of the results of multiple queries can be produced. It can be particularly useful if a user needs to undertake a comparative graphical view; Event Viewer, offers a statistical review where an analysis of a particular game or season can be segregated in a number of different ways--age, gender, email, product, etc.; Find Clients, designed to allow users to identify a particular client record, corresponding profile, and purchase pattern; and Mapping, a map of the UK highlighting the results of a particular query.