Venturewire And Technology Review Join Forces To Launch Semiconductor Innovation Letter

Dec 06, 2002

VentureWire, a daily news and information service for the venture capital community, and MIT's Technology Review have signed a strategic partnership to jointly publish Semiconductor Innovation Letter, an exclusive, twice-monthly electronic newsletter covering technical advances, research innovations, market shifts, and venture-capital activity in the semiconductor industry. Designed for industry executives and investors, Semiconductor Innovation Letter gives readers an inside view into the sector by providing analysis, insight, news, and quantitative evaluation of companies within the semiconductor industry. Written by a team of editors from both organizations, the newsletter focuses on innovations from newly funded start-ups, university labs, and established public companies. Example topics include the convergence of communication and computation, 3D architectures, silicon nanowires, and organic semiconductors. Each issue includes three main sections: R&D Analysis: A forward-looking analysis of a technical innovation that is poised to effect existing semiconductor markets; Venture Briefings: Exclusive, incisive reports on the progress and plans of venture-backed chip startups; and Datastream: A collection of charts, tables, and graphics that show readers what sectors are hot, which investors are making the most deals, and which way the chip-investing crowd is moving at any moment. The Semiconductor Innovation Newsletter is delivered via email as an electronic publication. Yearly subscriptions (24 issues) are now available for $995 and corporate licenses.  

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