Venda Announces Availability of Imageware

Dec 20, 2005


Venda, Inc., a global provider of on-demand eCommerce solutions, has announced that Imageware, a dynamic image management service, is available as part of its eCommerce platform. Imageware is designed to help online retailers create a more in-person shopping experience with zooming and rotating of product images and flipping virtual catalogs.

Merchants can use Imageware to manage image libraries and replace static images with high-resolution images of products, print catalogs and brochures. The high-definition visualization of the click-to-zoom feature allows shoppers to examine each item before making a purchase. Shoppers can also click-to-rotate product images to view 360° of a product. Shoppers that prefer to browse catalogs can flip pages through an online version of the print catalog or brochure and click on products for more information or to order.