Venaca Unveils S3 Version 4.0

Jun 06, 2006

Venaca Inc., a provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, has announced the launch of Venaca S3 Version 4.0, the latest version of its DAM Enterprise Software. S3 Version 4.0 integrates the silos of content and workflow found in most media companies. Version 4.0 allows broadcast, media, and entertainment organizations the ability to integrate production, IT, and distribution technologies and facilitate collaboration among divisions.

While Version 4.0 has new components to integrate to editing suites such as Avid and Apple's Final Cut Pro, Venaca continues to add to its digital re-mastering capability with a new integrated encoder from Optibase and distribution support with Omneon video servers in the latest release. Additional collaborative tools include Blue Pen and video Post Its that allow users to provide input on content in the various stages of development and re-purposing. This functionality allows the DAM solution to extend from encode and logging to production, storage, and distribution.

Venaca also has added two key products with 4.0 that change how a User Interface (UI) is presented and how workflow is managed. S3's Skinning Engine (SE) gives users' the ability to customize and brand their view into the DAM system, allowing the ability to create any UI "dashboard" they require while harnessing the enterprise level of S3's functionality. S3's Work Flow Engine (WFE) provides a graphical interface that allows business units to apply work flow rules from email notification to automated tasks to human intervention and approval to any digital workflow in the S3 system.