Vemics Launches Distance Learning Content Provider Program

Nov 01, 2002

Vemics has announced a distance learning content provider program aimed at assisting colleges, universities, and other content providers interested in delivering courses to business professionals and other remote students. Vemics offers eclassroom technology and a distance learning business model designed specifically for colleges and universities. Vemics' business model provides a foundation that colleges and universities can use to extend current and future course content into new markets, enabling the onsite distribution of live, interactive, video-based distance learning programs. This eclassroom platform is designed to add live presence and interactive student/teacher collaboration functionality that goes beyond existing Web-based services. Working with colleges and universities to assist in building a comprehensive distance learning strategy, Vemics supplies the elearning knowledge, technology, and instructor training, and a framework for program implementation. Vemics conducts infrastructure, business processes, and financial analyses to create the basic economic model and variations that will be necessary for colleges and universities to establish a successful distance learning initiative. Vemics is currently working with a number of content providers including Lincoln Educational Services, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Seton Hall University, and Seton Worldwide.