Vemics, HQ Global Workplaces, and Lincoln Educational Services Partner

May 14, 2004

Vemics, a supplier of virtual learning and meeting solutions, has announced partnership agreements with HQ Global Workplaces and Lincoln Educational Services, Inc. to establish video-enabled "hot-spots" in business centers across the U.S. All video-enabled hot-spot locations will be equipped with multimedia PCs connected to GlowPoint's dedicated IP-based network, providing access to broadcast-quality public learning and meeting environments. Vemics can provide real-time learning and meeting solutions both within an organization or at premier sites located in major markets. Vemics Video Hot Spots are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for regional or national travel for sales training, product launches, professional development, or face-to-face team meetings and make coaching, mentoring, and access to live content affordable and available to more people within the organization.

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