Vasont Systems Unveils Vasont Release 11

Apr 06, 2007

Vasont Systems, a provider of content management software and data services, has released Vasont 11, the latest version of its content management system designed to enable organizations to store their multilingual content once for maximum reuse and delivery to multiple channels.

Vasont 11 includes the following new features: a user interface, which includes a Windows-like design with intuitive buttons and icons so users can navigate through the system; detail panes bring relevant information about the selected content's properties and relationships, such as its content reuse, versions, and metadata, to the user's fingertips; and Vasont's home page is personalized for each user, displaying his/her favorite collections, queries, and workspaces for access to content. Also, up-to-date workflow information provides the user a "to-do list" based on his/her active workflow tasks.

Vasont 11 includes other productivity enhancements such as: a query window that provides a new view for users to execute searches; a plain-English query capability hides the complexity of search syntax from users in both views; Vasont allows users to create variants by relating similar pieces of content. Users can also choose to reuse more of their content by making similar content all the same using the new normalization feature; automatic storage and pointer creation for multimedia components when multimedia files are drag and dropped from Desktop or Explorer into Vasont, Vasont can automatically store the multimedia file in a designated collection (i.e., a Graphics collection) and automatically create a pointer from the collection it was dropped on to that multimedia component; processes such as analyzing content and processing on multiple components are now done in one step, saving users time when editing and reusing content; a refine feature, which allows users to narrow the scope of displayed content to a user-defined, manageable set; and MSWord text tracking in Vasont where Vasont tracks reused content in MSWord documents and keeps them in sync. After text is reused in a MSWord document from a component in Vasont, the owner of the MSWord document is alerted of any changes to the original text in Vasont and can update the MSWord document with those changes.