Vasont Content Management System Accredited for Adobe's FrameMaker 12

Feb 04, 2014

Vasont Systems, a TransPerfect Company that provides component content management system (CMS) software, announced that its Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) extension is certified with both Adobe FrameMaker 12 and Adobe's new XML authoring solution, FrameMaker XML Author 12. The VUI is a software extension that provides integration between these FrameMaker products and the Vasont CMS.

Using the VUI, Vasont CMS users are able to develop XML content in FrameMaker while accessing the Vasont CMS functionality through a toolbar menu option. Adobe's FrameMaker 12 software products, combined with the Vasont CMS, provide a solution for authoring, enriching, managing, and publishing content. Writers can develop content with XML/DITA and DTD support and publish to multiple channels, formats, and screens from within FrameMaker 12 or FrameMaker XML Author 12.