Vamosa Launch Free Content Analysis and Migration Software for SharePoint 2007

May 04, 2007

Vamosa, a provider of content processing, analysis, and migration, has launched free content analysis and migration software for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The free software combines Vamosa Community Edition and Vamosa developed SharePoint 2007 connector technology. Vamosa Community Edition was originally released in November 2006 as generic content analysis and migration software downloadable for free from the Vamosa website. It combines the functionality of Vamosa’s software--Vamosa Content Analyzer and Vamosa Content Migrator--into a single product.

The extension of Vamosa Community Edition to include the Microsoft SharePoint 2007 connector is designed to allow the SharePoint community to capitalize on an automated approach to analysis and migration. Although the software will continue with the limitation of 1000 pages, users can: improve content quality through the removal of duplicate and outdated content; enhance content via the application of relevant metadata; and migrate content to SharePoint. Vamosa Community Edition for SharePoint can also be downloaded from the Vamosa website.