VYRE Releases VYRE Unify Version 4.4

Mar 03, 2009

VYRE Ltd,developer of the Content Management solution VYRE Unify, announced the release of version 4.4. VYRE Unify 4.4 is a new version release of its enterprise class web platform. Version 4 introduces new capabilities for performing facetted and federated searching across the enterprise. Facetted search provides feedback on the breakdown of search results and federated search enables users to eliminate content silos by allowing users to search multiple content repositories. Additional features include: suggested relevant terms, in context hit highlighting,stemming and ranking, the ability to import content structure (collection schemas and their attributes) from an Excel spreadsheet, a new taxonomy editing portlet, one-click deployment of all publishing entities for newly added delivery servers, a new cloning portlet, and the ability to use localized strings in path names, and new web services.