VWB Announces UK Subsidiary to Expand International Distribution

Apr 12, 2005

Video Without Boundaries, Inc., a provider of interactive, media-convergent home entertainment devices, has announced the forming of a United Kingdom (UK) subsidiary to develop wholesale and retail distribution opportunities for its MediaREADY broadband media devices. With the opening of a UK office, VWB plans to exploit the demand for entertainment devices in broadband-equipped homes throughout Europe.

VWB's MediaREADY product line includes the MediaREADY 4000 digital media center, MediaREADY 5000 advanced digital media center, MediaREADY Flyboy portable media center, and MediaREADY x40 digital media receiver. MediaREADY products are designed to allow consumers to connect entertainment and Internet possibilities, making them available anywhere in the home and, in the case of the MediaREADY Flyboy, on the road as well.

VWB is currently in the process of producing new versions of its devices to facilitate success in Europe. These new models will offer appropriate European power connections, PAL, and DVD multi-region support, as well as SCART (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorecepteurs et Televiseurs) connectivity. VWB expects to be shipping these products in late Q2 of 2005.

In March, VWB announced a Marketing Alliance Agreement with Kast Telecom, S.A. As part of the agreement, Kast will be responsible for initiating Reseller, Licensing, and OEM relationships throughout the European Union. VWB has already leveraged this relationship into preliminary discussions with major retailers and distributors in Europe, and will continue to develop those relationships through VWB, PLC. The company will be making announcements about the UK office location and staffing in coming weeks.