User’s Handling of Electronic Information is Weak, According to Survey

Aug 04, 2006

According to advance data from a survey of 700+ end users by AIIM, the "Weakest Link" in user efforts to control information for compliance purposes is their handling of electronic information.

According to the survey, organizations report a fairly high level of confidence in their management of paper-based information. Users were asked, "How would you characterize the overall environment related to managing and retaining the following types of critical paper information?" For most forms of important paper documentation, 70-80% of end users feel a high level of confidence (or at least some degree of confidence) in their systems and processes. The real compliance gap in most organizations comes when users think about how they handle electronic information.

For electronic information, the results show a majority (over 50%) of end users report very weak efforts relative to: Information on individual computer hard drives; Information on individual portable devices (phones, PDAs, Blackberrys, etc.); and email. 41.5% of those surveyed describe their handling of information on individual portable devices as "complete chaos." The full survey, Compliance: It's Real, It's Relevant, and It's More Than Just Records, will be released on Tuesday, August 15.