Userplane Unveils Free AV Blogger Service

Dec 17, 2004

Userplane has introduced the Userplane AV Blogger, a free service that is designed to enable virtually anyone to create audio/visual recorded messages for use in blogs, Web sites, and email. Powered by Userplane Web Recorder 1.5, the AV Blogger service automatically detects the presence of a webcam and microphone. The service displays a side-by-side record and playback interface, allowing users to compare old and new recordings. Each recording is streamed from Userplane servers, and can be copy-and-pasted into any Web page. Userplane's AV Blogger currently is in beta test and is available free of charge. Users can visit the Userplane AV Blogger Web site at to set up a free account and begin recording audio and video blogs. The service integrates with public blogging services including MovableType and