UserLand Announces the Release of Manila 9.5

Jun 07, 2005

UserLand Software has announced the release of a new version of its Manila Web site and Weblog publishing system. Designed to meet the needs of organizations looking to use Weblogs in place of overburdened email systems, Manila 9.5 is intended to provide companies and departments a more efficient and effective way to share information by recording and making visible the daily conversations that define the decision making process within all organizations.

Manila integrates with new plug-ins that transform them into a project status tracking tool with a dashboard interface. The product offers automated RSS feeds and subscriptions, individual or shared membership groups with defined access permissions and great new tools to help Webloggers control comment SPAM

Manila 9.5 also provides a light-weight Web content management system allowing the creation of multiple sites and/or subsites each with their own look and feel. And UserLand continues to maintain its policy of having no licensing limitations on the number of sites licensees can create or the number of authors contributing to those sites. In addition to sophisticated new access control features, Manila 9.5 adds version control, email authentication of new members, and PodCasting support. Manila 9.5 also provides simplified the interface for Preferences and Admin functions and added powerful new developer